Everyone Needs to Take the Covid Vaccine

Not enough people are. 30% of the U.S. population remains unvaccinated. Misinformation on social media is a big reason why-people are more likely to forgo the shot if they've been exposed to misinformation about the vaccine.

Dynamic, Not Static

We Need Better Social Media Tools

Vaccine hesitancy crosses all sorts of categories-race, sex, politics. Conventional social media monitoring tools aren't built to find these people.
Vaxinate.ai scans social media to find people who can be swayed to take a Covid shot and provides the right messages to help you convince them.

Vaxinate Counters Misinformation

Our platform uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing models to enable you to build an audience based on real-time sentiment instead of static categories like race or gender. Then our models help you find the right counter-messaging.


Our models locate anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms and find the people who have been exposed to it


We build audiences of people based on the misnfo they've seen and identify influencers who can help spread the message


Our advanced language models help you craft the right messaging to counter misinformation, moving people from undecided to converted

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Ali Tehrani

3X Startup founder in the machine learning/AI space. Forbes 30 under 30


Juan Echeverria

2X Startup founder
PhD, Machine Learning, University College London


Mark Coatney

Tumblr head of growth 2010-2013
Senior journalist, Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Al Jazeera America

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